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Profesional designed photo hides

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photography hides in the backyard

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Bird photography in Bulgaria proves successful with 46 bird species photographed with

19.06.2013 y. Bird photography in Bulgaria proves successful with 46 bird species photographed with

A recent two week visit to our cottage has just ended. Hawi Grömping from Germany visited us for two weeks in the beginning of June aiming to photograph Golden Oriole, Ortolan Bunting, Bee-eaters, Middle spotted Woodpecker, Barred Warbler, Tawny Pipit, etc. As a result of the trip our guest managed to get decent shots of 46 bird species.

Bird photography in Bulgaria proves successful with 46 bird species photographed with

"It was a good trip to Bulgaria and I hope to come back to Ognyanovo". This is what Hawi suggested in an email with some of his images after the trip.

You can see the full list of all the species photographed at the bottom of the page here. Feel free to have a look at other images of Hawi on his website containing photos of 517 bird species

Here are some of the images of our guest:

Copyright of all images: Hawi Grömping

Golden Oriole photography

Middle spotted woodpecker photography

Tawny Pipit photography

Ortolan Bunting photography

Ortolan bunting photography in Bulgaria

Barred Warbler photography in Bulgaria

Balkan Green lizzard

Long-legged Buzzard photography

 Species photographed

  English name German name
1. House Sparrow Haussperling
2. Tree Sparrow Feldsperling
3. Spanish Sparrow Weidensperling
4. Whitethroat Dorngrasmücke
5. Lesser Whitethroat Klappergrasmücke
6. Blackcap Mönchsgrasmücke
7. Barred Warbler Sperbergrasmücke
8. Chaffinch Buchfink
9. Linnet Hänfling
10. Goldfinch Stieglitz
11. Hawfinch Kernbeißer
12. Blackbird Amsel
13. Songtrush Singdrossel
14. Nightingale Nachtigall
15. Jay Eichelhäher
16. Magpie Elster
17. Hooded Crow Nebelkrähe
18. Black headed Bunting Kappenammer
19. Corn Bunting Grauammer
20. Great Tit Kohlmeise
21. Long Tailed Tit Schwanzmeise
22. Sombre Tit Trauermeise
23. Golden Oriole Pirol
24. Red backed Shrike Neuntöter
25. Crested Lark Haubenlerche
26. Starling Star
27. Turtle Dove Turteltaube
28. Bee-eater Bienenfresser
29. Great Spotted Woodpecker Buntspecht
30. Middle Spotted Woodpecker Mittelspecht
31. Cuckoo Kuckuck
32. Hoopoe Wiedehopf
33. Black Stork Schwarzstorch
34. Swallow Rauchschwalbe
35. House Martin Mehlschwalbe
36. Isabelline Wheatear  Isabellsteinschmätzer
38. Northern Wheatear Steinschmätzer
39. Long-legged buzzard Adlerbussard
40. Lesser spotted eagle Schreiadler
41. Tawny Pipit Brachpieper
42. Ortolan Ortolan Bunting
43. Roller Blauracke
44. Lesser Grey Shrike Schwarzstirnwürger
45. Yellow Wegtail - Motacilla feldegg Maskenstelze
46. White Wagtail Bachstelze


Other species seen or heard with no photos include:

1. Nigthjar Ziegenmelker
2. Scops Owl Zwergohreule
3. Little Owl Steinkauz
4. Tawny Owl Waldkauz