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Profesional designed photo hides

Several photography hides for different birds
Profesional designed photo hides

Cottage to rent

Birding cottage to rent for self-catering
Cootage to rent

More 40 target species

Unique chance to photograph rare birds
More 40 target species

Photo tower in the backyard

The first one Photo tower in Bulgaria
Photo tower in the backyard

Unique nature

The area is extremely rich in wildlife.
Unique nature

Bird photography or birdwatching

Bulgaria is the exact place for your hobby
Bird photography or birdwatching

2 photography hides in the backyard

9m. Photo tower and photohide with water pond
photography hides in the backyard

Conservation activities

Nature is not money, take care for it
Conservation activities

More 150 observed bird species

The area is one of the major paths for migratory birds
More 150 observed migrating bird species

Articles Hide Usage Rules

Building the hide in a suitable environment often doesn’t guarantee us good shots of the target species. We usually have to follow certain rules and guidelines, in order to make a good shot.

Hawfinch photography in Bulgaria

  • If you are in the hide accompanied by another photographer, do not start talking or showing each other’s pictures, or doing anything, which will distract both of you from taking photos.
  • Be very careful and conscious about the nature and wildlife around you. Do not produce noise, which could scare the birds, and do not feed them unless this is organized by your guide or tour manager.
  • Do not attempt going out of the hide in order to take a better shot!
  • The windows through which you are taking shots can easily be covered with vapour. If this happens, please do not clean the window. Wait a short while until the vapour clears up on its own. If you are going into a hide with glass viewers during rainfall, leave your raincoat and wet clothes outside. The evapouration will inevitably and quickly dim the windows.
  • Do not clean the windows! Their coating is very sensitive and can easily be damaged, which will reduce the quality of the images.
  • If you are using insect repellents, be very careful not to spray on the windows.
  • Remain quiet! Most species are uncomfortable with unfamiliar and loud noises. This is also very relevant for the birds of prey and the mammals. When an animal approaches the hide, take a few shots and stop to see its reaction. If it does not react, you can start taking photos.
  • Do not smoke in the hide! The smoke and smell of the cigarettes will disturb the mammals. In addition, you are creating a risk of fire.
  • The specially coated glass does not make you invisible. The birds cannot see you only under certain conditions. They can see you if you are very close to the window, if you use light inside the hide, and if you are wearing very light coloured clothes. It is therefore adviseable to remain further inside the hide, at least 40cm away from the windows. This is compulsory when direct sunlight enters the hide for backlit or side-lit shots.
  • Visit the toilet before entering the hide. Going out during the shooting session will disturb the birds and it is likely that they will not return within the next few hours.